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Đèn ngoại cảnh NiceFoto nflash 600 600W HSS 1/8000

Được cập nhật ngày:17/04/2018

Giá cũ:8,300,000 đ

Giá mới:7,900,000 đ

Khuyến mãi chỉ áp dụng từ ngày17/04/2018 đến ngày17/04/2022

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 HSS 1/8000s with Nikon Cameras (seperate Trigger included)

Removable, Rechargeable Battery 6,600mAh
Includes Reflector
Bowens S-fit Mount fits many Light Modifier
User Replaceable Flash Tube
Built-in Radio Receiver (Range 100m)
3 Groups and 7 Channel
Power Variable from 1/32 to Full
Pop-up Handle
LED Modeling Light
modeling light with Power Saving
Optical Slave
Light Stand/Umbrella Mount
Bowens S-fit Mount
Optional AC-Adapter

HSS vs. High Speed Flash Head

Often, High Speed Flash Heads, which can realize extremely short flash duration, get mixed up with HSS (High Speed Sync) or Super Sync function. In our assortment you will find both versions: flash trigger that enable Super Sync function and also High Speed Flash Heads with extremely short flash duration of up to 1/11,000 seconds. 

Extremely portable and featuring a 2.4 GHz power control wireless receiver, the NICEFOTO Battery-Powered HSS Flash Head is a 400Ws strobe that can be taken on-location without the need for any cords. It uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery which can provide up to 500 full-power flashes on a single charge. Also, users can adjust the power in 1/10-stop increments through a 6-stop power range and it has a recycle time of about 4.5 seconds.

A built-in optical slave contributes to the wireless convenience by triggering upon the firing of other strobes.

Maximum Watt/Seconds 600Ws
ISO 100
Power range(f-stop) 1/32 to full
Control Range 6 stops in 1/10 step increments
High Speed Sync. 1/8000s
Flash Repeat Cycle -
Flash output and Modeling Bulb steplessly, separately and proportionally adjustable yes
Mount Bowens S-Type
Mount Compatible PHOTAREX, Bowens S, Walimex VC / K + DS, Mettle, Jinbei, Aurora, Quantuum, Visico excel, Fancier, Calumet and others
Digital Display Screen no
Built-In Optical Slave yes
2.4 GHz Power Control Wireless Receiver Range 100m
Power Supply DC12V 6600mAh Li-Ionen; changeable
optional AC 100-240V power source
Battery Capacity Display yes
Battery Recharging Time 6 hours
Full Power Flashe per Charge 680
Modeling Bulb LED 5W
Acoustic signal when recharging yes (audible)
Overheating Protection processor-controlled monitoring
Cooling Fan cooled
Cync Socket 3.5mm
Recycle Time 0.1 to 4.5s
Automatic Modeling Bulb saving circuit yes
Color Temperature 5500°K +-200°K
Circuit Protection Fuse 5A
User Replaceable Flash Tube yes
Aluminum Housing yes
Dimensions(without reflector) 240mm x 125mm
Flash Head Weight (g) 1400
Battery Weight(g) 300

Flash Trigger
Channels 15
Sync Speed max. 1/8000 Sec.
Triggering Range up tp 100m
Frequence FSK 2.4G
Battery 12V-23A; pre-installed into the trigger
Camera Compatible Nikon
Color black

Package Includes
1 x NICEFOTO nFlash 600
1 x Reflector
1 x Reflector Diffusor, white
1 x Lithium-Ion Battery 12V-6600mAh
1 x Charger
1 x Flash Trigger
1 x Handle
1 x Aluminium Case
Shipment weight: 7.5 Kg
Product weight: 7.1 Kg

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